Definition of Arizonan in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the US state of Arizona or its inhabitants.

    ‘an Arizonan summer’
    • ‘Phoenix offers upscale restaurants that fuse Mexican and Arizonan cuisine.’
    • ‘He was arrested on Sunday in the small Arizonan town of Casa Grande.’
    • ‘Out in the Arizonan desert many strange and inexplicable events take place on a regular basis.’
    • ‘Visitors, local residents, and libraries alike will find this in-depth handbook a veritable cornucopia of all things Arizonan.’
    • ‘The menu features numerous Arizonan and traditional Mexican dishes, including a number of gluten-free items.’
    • ‘While she generally loves the place and the work, she says she has not gone totally Arizonan.’
    • ‘His maverick political history and Arizonan heritage should lead him to embrace a return to the principle and practice of subsidiary federalism.’
    • ‘Given the number of Arizonan voters, the chance of winning would be about two million to one against.’
    • ‘None of my childhood friends have an Arizonan accent either.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the US state of Arizona.

    ‘he became the 92nd Arizonan to play in the major leagues’
    • ‘The plucky Arizonan comes across as a woman who holds herself above the fray.’
    • ‘The fourth-generation Arizonan now leases the old university ranch to run a winter pick-it-yourself operation.’
    • ‘A fourth generation Arizonan, I moved back for the desert.’
    • ‘This should anger every right-thinking Arizonan.’
    • ‘We Arizonans voted to raise that money and spend that money on our kids' education!’
    • ‘These native Arizonans are a lovely young couple who rented me a room in their cute bungalow apartment in Mesa.’
    • ‘The company is privately held since its formation and employs more than 250 Arizonans and 50 Mississippians.’
    • ‘A Spanish-speaking Arizonan has to translate between the two groups.’
    • ‘I'm a proud native Arizonan and as such, many of my poems have to do with the Sonoran Desert.’