Definition of argan in English:



  • An evergreen Moroccan tree or shrub which has hard, heavy wood and yields seeds whose oil is used in cosmetics and cooking.

    • ‘Argan oil is extracted from the argan tree.’
    • ‘Extracted from the argan tree, the oil is used for cooking.’
    • ‘Argan oil, known as Moroccan gold, comes from the seeds of the argan tree, once widely grown in Morocco but now found only in the south.’
    • ‘I was fascinated to learn from Ray Girvan about argan oil, which is produced in southwestern Morocco from the nuts of the argan tree, after they have been eaten and excreted by tree-climbing goats.’
    • ‘The oil was sold in Moroccan markets even before the Phoenicians arrived, yet the hardy argan tree, called the Moroccan ironwood by some people, has been slowly disappearing.’
    • ‘The argan tree has long been a cornerstone of Moroccan and specifically Burba culture.’
    • ‘The long, winding ascent past flat-roofed villages, and groves of almond and olive-like argan trees brings one to the Col de Kerdous.’


Moroccan Arabic, from Berber argān.