Definition of arena in English:



  • 1A level area surrounded by seating, in which sports, entertainments, and other public events are held.

    • ‘She said that the policy did not apply to other sporting arenas such as cricket pitches and other outdoor recreation facilities.’
    • ‘Mila glanced up at a small box-like room just above the 3rd level seating in the arena.’
    • ‘We need to build new stadia and other sporting arenas promptly in order not to be disadvantaged at critical times.’
    • ‘Water for irrigating parks, sports arenas and golf courses must be treated waste water and cannot be running water.’
    • ‘Logs and wooden benches provide basic seating around the main arenas - but for more comfort it is worth taking an old cushion or blanket.’
    • ‘I had seen pictures of sports arenas and Coliseums but I had never actually been inside one.’
    • ‘In one of sports great arenas, the Milan derby indulges the connoisseurs.’
    • ‘The spectators were told the flags had to be dismantled in the interests of health and safety in the events arena.’
    • ‘Why are cities across the country sinking taxpayer money into sports stadiums and arenas?’
    • ‘It specialises in, amongst other things, the design of sports arenas.’
    • ‘I provide services to places like sporting arenas, as well as doing documentaries and what have you.’
    • ‘Whole towns could be surrounded, or a mile-wide dragnet thrown over an area which contained sporting arenas.’
    • ‘House music weaves a fine thread through the three arenas and one terrace area which have been set up.’
    • ‘They could borrow an idea from sports arenas: premium seating with a dedicated waiter.’
    • ‘The atmosphere was more like that of an examination hall on finals day than a sporting arena before a big event.’
    • ‘They were among thousands of slaves being trained to fight to the death in the arena for public entertainment.’
    • ‘An arena demonstrating traditional sports such as kabaddi will give fans a chance to test their skills.’
    • ‘A Gladiator was a man trained to fight in arenas to provide entertainment.’
    • ‘Northern sports are played in arenas, centers, gardens and the occasional field.’
    stadium, amphitheatre, theatre, coliseum
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  • 2A place or scene of activity, debate, or conflict.

    ‘he has re-entered the political arena’
    • ‘Our participation in the policy and political arenas must be consistent and reliable.’
    • ‘Empowerment has now moved from the arena of management circles and into our daily lives.’
    • ‘The arenas of conflict are diverse, including negotiations on opening markets and on intellectual property rights protection.’
    • ‘He did not seek to enter the political arena which is where you would seek to place him, with all its attendant risks.’
    • ‘An individual or group can initiate, or obstruct, public policy in many political arenas.’
    • ‘In brief, there are at least three arenas of activity for critical intellectuals and oppositional educators.’
    • ‘Now they are more likely to inhabit the political and media arenas.’
    • ‘Labor movements, writ large, have thus acted in both market and political arenas.’
    • ‘We are as powerful a partner as you can get on the corporate battlefield, or in the political arena.’
    • ‘It was created as an arena for the representation and expression of minority opinion.’
    • ‘A better policy is to promote liberty in the religious sphere as well as in the economic and political arenas.’
    • ‘These arguments have now been tested in a political arena for the first time.’
    • ‘During the week running up to the meeting the campus was transformed into an arena of political debate.’
    • ‘My own opinion is that the whole flabby saga belongs in the popular media arena for which it was clearly created.’
    • ‘In the tough, macho arena of rock climbing, one woman has beaten the boys at their own game.’
    • ‘It is high time we gave shape to a new culture, where each arena of activity is given its due place.’
    • ‘Much more important, there is no way that the movement can keep the political arena at arm's length.’
    • ‘These conflicts are played out in political arenas across the world assessing guidelines and regulations.’
    • ‘He has also recently turned commentator on India's business and economic scene and indeed social and political arenas.’
    • ‘The shift from the political to the cultural arena helped entrench old divisions and to create new ones.’
    area, scene, sphere, realm, province, domain, sector, forum, territory, theatre, stage, world
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Early 17th century: from Latin harena, arena ‘sand, sand-strewn place of combat’.