Definition of areca in English:


(also areca palm)

Pronunciation /ˈarɪkə//əˈriːkə/


  • A tropical Asian palm.

    Genus "Areca", family "Palmae": several species, in particular "A. catechu"

    • ‘The areca palm, for example, is particularly fond of toluene, a by-product of glue that can be harmful when it combines with oxygen.’
    • ‘A popular stimulant in the Indian subcontinent and SE Asia, is the fruit of the areca palm, Areca catechu, which grows wild in Sumatra and the Philippines and is cultivated in other regions.’
    • ‘The demand is highest for red palms and areca palms,’ he says.’
    • ‘The road twists through areca palms and banana plantations and rice paddies.’
    • ‘All the paintings have been done on the spathe of the areca palm, called ‘paala’ in Malayalam.’


Via Portuguese from Malayalam áḍekka.