Definition of area code in English:

area code


  • another term for dialling code
    • ‘With no additional equipment, users just dial 13636 followed by the area code and the telephone number they want.’
    • ‘In the Swinford, Charlestown, Foxford 094 areas, there will be no change in the area code but 92 will have to be placed in front of all existing local numbers.’
    • ‘Some companies even have the choice of selecting area codes worldwide. This is a wonderful option for those who would like to choose an area code located where their family and friends are.’
    • ‘The Edison, New Jersey based company gives you a phone number in an area code of your choosing.’
    • ‘Some exchanges within the 062 area code will require that customers first dial the area code followed by the telephone number, according to Telecom.’
    • ‘According to Caller ID, this call is coming from an area code in another state.’
    • ‘The changes involve a combination of adding two digits to customers' existing local number and, in some cases, a change to the local area code.’
    • ‘Con's phone did ring last week and a Dublin area code showed up on the caller display.’
    • ‘The area code of Shanghai is 21 and the country code of China is 86’
    • ‘I told him the area code on his cell phone was from eastern Iowa.’
    • ‘If you are calling outside the Halifax area, make sure to include your area code when entering your fax machine's number.’
    • ‘To ring Italy from the UK, dial 00 39 followed by the area code with the zero.’
    • ‘The thing is, I didn't recognise the number at all - it was an area code completely unfamiliar to me.’
    • ‘In Swindon, nearly all local mail letters that are posted in the town and delivered to addresses in the SN area code arrive on time.’
    • ‘Dell uses your area code and zip code to locate the nearest service provider to perform onsite service.’
    • ‘But many people keep calling Mr Turner's number, which has a 912 area code.’
    • ‘The number changes involve a combination of adding two digits to customers' existing local numbers and in some cases changing the local area code.’
    • ‘I notice that one of the signs in the slide show is marked ‘location unknown,’ but when I googled the area code, it turned out to be located in Colorado.’
    • ‘It showed up on Caller ID as the area code of the house where I grew up.’
    • ‘From their existing landline, customers simply dial 13636, followed by the area code (even if calling locally) and then the telephone number they wish to call.’


area code