Definition of ardently in English:



  • Very enthusiastically or passionately.

    ‘both men ardently supported the war’
    • ‘They gaze ardently into each other's eyes and confide dark secrets.’
    • ‘We are ardently looking forward to his new artworks.’
    • ‘For 20 years, she has eloquently and ardently defended civil liberties.’
    • ‘I must tell you how much I ardently admire and love you.’
    • ‘We all ardently believe this investment is planting a new sustainable economy for the future.’
    • ‘He was ardently devoted to the least detail.’
    • ‘I will fight as ardently as I know how.’
    • ‘That he is selectively reaching out to some unions does not mean he is bending his ardently pro-business ideology.’
    • ‘He firmly believed in national education and ardently supported the separation of church and state.’
    • ‘He looked on writing as the occupation most likely to bring the fame that he ardently desired, and this helps to explain his next enterprise.’