Definition of Arctic willow in English:

Arctic willow


  • A shrub, Salix arctica, found in the Canadian tundra.

    • ‘In her wall hangings, Avaalaaqiaq often uses a distinct branching chain stitch that resembles the twigs of the Arctic willow.’
    • ‘Miniature forests of Arctic willow live in the tundra and rarely get over a few inches in height.’
    • ‘It is possible that they nested also in this country ten thousand and more years ago, when ice ages affected Britain and dwarf Arctic willows flourished here in Norfolk and Suffolk.’
    • ‘Salix arctica whose common name is Arctic willow or rock willow can be found in the North American tundra.’
    • ‘The Arctic willow is a dwarf shrub which grows close to the ground to avoid the cold wind.’