Definition of Arctic tern in English:

Arctic tern


  • A red-billed tern which breeds in the Arctic and adjacent areas, migrating to Antarctic regions to overwinter.

    Sterna paradisaea, family Sternidae

    • ‘The Arctic teems with life, from its largest predators, the killer whale and the polar bear, to small birds like the tiny Arctic tern.’
    • ‘Each autumn flights of Arctic terns from northern Europe and Siberia journey south, soon entering the North Sea and passing the East Anglian coastline.’
    • ‘His observations revealed that Foula's sheep target unfledged Arctic terns.’
    • ‘The tiny Arctic tern undertakes the world's longest migration - traveling nearly from pole to pole.’
    • ‘Some, like the Arctic tern, have covered 10,000 kilometers or more.’
    • ‘The country's wilderness - from alpine flowers to colonies of Max shearwaters, guillemots, razor bills and Arctic terns - complements its ages-old castles and ancient Standing Stones.’
    • ‘Other notable characteristics include an exceptionally powerful head and neck and unusually long legs, which distinguish them from other terns such as Arctic terns.’
    • ‘Throughout the isles you'll come across throngs of Arctic terns and both species of skuas, as well as black guillemots, gannets, shags, and Storm and Leach's petrels.’
    • ‘The Arctic tern is the champion globetrotter, a big deal for an animal that measures only a foot long.’


Arctic tern