Definition of archival in English:



  • 1Relating to or constituting archives.

    ‘the club maintains an archival research library’
    • ‘The use of multiple informants and sources of data includes teacher reports and archival records.’
    • ‘New and archival photographs of Mies buildings are presented along with related paintings, sculptures, and films.’
    • ‘The exhumation of several archival recordings sheds light on another dimension in Cale's chameleonic nature.’
    • ‘Wilson's analysis here is very thorough and based on her own, previously published archival research.’
    • ‘There remains the question as to whether archival evidence can help to resolve the issue of the painter's identity.’
    • ‘Archival institutions have been closed or downsized, resulting in a shortage of qualified people to sift through the accumulated documentation.’
    • ‘No other archival data could be recovered from school records to compare those students who were absent, suspended, or expelled with those present during testing.’
    • ‘What one does with the archival information is always guided, if only unconsciously at times, by the theories of Chinese medicine.’
    • ‘He conducted archival research at the Folger Library, which reportedly houses the world's largest collection of Shakespeare's printed works.’
    • ‘Each house has been restored to a different period in the courtyard's history, with the help of archaeological and archival information.’
    1. 1.1 (of a material such as paper) of suitable quality to be used in archives.
      ‘the illustrations are printed with archival inks that will last about 70 years’
      • ‘Plants generally are flattened, dried, and glued to reinforcing archival paper.’
      • ‘Both companies produce archival-quality optical disks.’
      • ‘Output is printed on archival watercolor paper.’
      • ‘Non-archival paper is placed in archival sleeves.’
      • ‘She would attach newly repaired sections of the book on an antique wooden frame and, using archival linen thread, sew the pages back into a text block.’
      • ‘All mounted panels have a reversible archival adhesive so art can be removed at any time in the future.’
      • ‘It is the only company to offer archival fabric mats.’
      • ‘With the transition to digital imaging and the use of archival pigmented inks, sepia toning is done these days almost exclusively for aesthetic reasons.’
      • ‘The same precision and caution should govern the use of the term "archival" in relation to ink-jet prints.’
      • ‘Place all folders into acid-free, archival-quality document boxes.’