Definition of architectonic in English:



  • 1Relating to architecture or architects.

    • ‘Like many of Trenkwalder's sculptures, these pieces are strongly architectonic, evoking cathedrals, pillared halls and Greek temples, among other structures.’
    • ‘One of his criticisms of Michelangelo was that broken pediments should not be used simply for their architectonic effect but only on buildings associated with death, as in antiquity.’
    • ‘One of this spots, located within the old city, is the Catedral de Sevilla or Cathedral of Seville, an antique construction very interesting from not only an architectonic point of view but from a historic and artistic one as well.’
    • ‘Ascents into the galleries, entries through the yard, acrobatic descents from the stage-roof trap are among the many examples of the production's imaginative use of the architectonic opportunities afforded by the building.’
    • ‘Inside these rooms is the gutsy, architectonic presence of the trusses, just overhead.’
    • ‘With few exceptions, the schemes are engaged more with the exploration of formal architectonic themes than with conceptual concerns.’
    • ‘Its main particularity is that in no other building of Great Britain cohabits therefore many architectonic styles of various ages.’
    • ‘While Homes for America is a conceptual work, in 1978 Graham translated that polemic into architectonic reality: in Alteration of a Suburban House, he knocks down the facade of a suburban house and puts a huge window in its place.’
    • ‘That spiraling stair conjoins two crucial moments of national history in architectonic form.’
    • ‘Abraham chose a scissor stair not only for ease (it allows two means of egress on each floor) but also for architectonic reasons.’
    • ‘Conceived and executed by Jean-Guillaume Moitte, it is strongly architectonic, its contours angular and rigorously vertical, with limited forward thrust.’
    • ‘His preferred subject matter has been urban architecture - often seen in skyline views, radically cropped with the surface blurred, presented on carefully constructed architectonic supports.’
    • ‘There's a whole lot more of this kind of thing around the site and, although much of it is architectonic rather than specifically architectural, it is quite often great fun.’
    • ‘The rest of the show was much more concerned with the architectonic nature of models - how the systemized description of a building could be contained in a model, cross section or drawing.’
    • ‘The inversion of normal architectonic expectation is not just wilful, but has immense importance for the nature of space and experience.’
    • ‘The Yale University Art Gallery embodies nearly every architectonic theme or device that Kahn returned to in his later architectural production.’
    • ‘In the cellar, Manzanares creates drama through monumental architectonic volumes that highlight the warm tones of the oak barrels contained within them.’
    • ‘The museum's design and modern, interactive exhibits, he says, complement the architectonic features of the building.’
    • ‘The winning submission was the Irish Hunger Memorial by Brian Tolle, a New York artist known for large sculptures and installations that often incorporate bold architectonic forms.’
  • 2(of an artistic composition) having a clearly defined structure, especially one that is artistically pleasing.

    ‘the painting's architectonic harmony’
    • ‘In two of the works, Beware the Lady and Love Is a Gentle Whip, the surface has been irregularly gridded into a Mondrian-like architectonic structure.’
    • ‘Tiff's architectonic structure is offset by a flower-patterned border on both sides and the bottom.’
    • ‘That same year he began his magnum opus, the extraordinary Merzbau, an architectonic assemblage which gradually overwhelmed his Hanover home.’
    • ‘These compositions, which set up intriguing architectonic relationships, consist of quasi-symmetrical configurations of flat, interlocking bands of opaque color, often blues and reds.’
    • ‘Sarah Morris creates bold geometric paintings that derive their architectonic structures from specific urban environments.’
    • ‘The effect of the paintings' intense color was often to dissolve the solidity of the architectonic structures.’
    • ‘He was also a mathematical theorist, and his monumental, architectonic compositions and simplified figures reflect his interest in geometry and perspective as well as in colour and light.’
    • ‘Here, as in all his paintings, McCleary simplifies his forms and clearly defines his architectonic spaces with carefully positioned planes.’
    • ‘Instead his central theme was the harmony of the figures with the landscape expressed through solid forms, strict architectonic structure, and the earth tones of the bodies.’
    • ‘Fusing rods and metal pieces into architectonic structures, he often treated the surfaces with droplets of metal or with acids and alkaloids to achieve variations in color.’
    • ‘The museum's indoor sculpture court and adjacent gallery were inhabited by organic, biomorphic and anthropomorphic abstractions with a strong architectonic component.’
    • ‘Sturr shot mostly on the streets of Chicago, imposing crisp, architectonic structure on the continuous flow of human activity.’
    • ‘Scully's architectonic, and often heroic, compositions are not, it turns out, purely formal.’


  • 1usually treated as singular The scientific study of architecture.

    building design, planning, building, construction
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  • 2usually treated as singular Musical, literary, or artistic structure.

    ‘his later novels display more concern with architectonics’
    • ‘Its rigid architectonics of narrative underdetermine character, stabilizing it: a multiplicity of signs is reduced to a paucity of meaning; the paranoid is frozen in someone else's text.’
    • ‘The notation of non-events becomes an ‘almost impossible’ form of writing, attractive in all the things it refuses: meaning, continuity, plot, architectonics.’
    • ‘The movie theater and subway platform scenes are the most interesting, especially the latter with their perpendicular architectonics and shifting perspectives.’
    • ‘There are still problems: most of the translated poems, for example, are taken out of context, and the architectonics of the original publications therefore mislaid.’
    • ‘Hootan's shyness in handling the figurative elements has, intuitively, resulted in a delicate shade between images and architectonics.’
    • ‘The architectonics of the sculpted locks, the author argues, augment their power to fend off sorcery and other malevolent forces.’
    • ‘Bakhtin's architectonics is a temporary, contingent vantage point not lending itself to systematization, and thus the victory is temporary as well.’
    • ‘In his novels, his plays, his short fiction, and even in his essays, he is constantly attentive to effects such as rhythm, the architectonics of image, and the fundamental materiality of words.’


Mid 17th century: via Latin from Greek arkhitektonikos, from arkhitektōn (see architect).