Definition of archduchess in English:



  • 1The wife or widow of an archduke.

    • ‘The Archduchess Sabine von Wuerttemberg is credited with founding the University of Wuerttemberg-Moempelgard and the Hotel de Kunigunde, a hospital for women.’
    • ‘The Archduchess and the English king remained friends until his death in 1547.’
    • ‘The Archduchess was an avid hunting companion of Henry’s second queen consort, Anne Boleyn, as well as a bit of a gambler at cards, having once lost and then regained her wedding band from one of Henry's nobles.’
  • 2A daughter of the Emperor of Austria.

    • ‘They possibly thought of the desk around 1770 as a present to Marie Antoinette, archduchess of Austria and dauphine of France, in an attempt to gain the favor of the French court.’
    • ‘This long letter from Maria Theresa, archduchess of Austria and queen of Hungary and Bohemia, is handwritten in 1768 and addressed to her daughter Marie Caroline, the future queen of Naples.’
    • ‘On the Spanish side, Alfonso's mother, Queen Maria Cristina - born an archduchess of Austria - took exception to Ena's relatively low royal status.’