Definition of archaeologist in English:


(US archeologist)


  • A person who studies human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains.

    ‘Chinese archaeologists uncovered life-sized terracotta statues’
    • ‘Renaissance artists like Pirro Ligorio might be regarded as professional antiquarians and amateur archaeologists.’
    • ‘During excavation, archaeologists found human remains thought to date back to ancient Roman times.’
    • ‘Archaeologist Keevill has been digging up some interesting finds in the little village of Dorchester.’
    • ‘My fellow archaeologist is an expert on this enigmatic Bronze Age rock art.’
    • ‘He plays patriarch an ailing archeologist who's preoccupied with funeral rituals.’
    • ‘An archeologist of urban experience, he creates a "great mound of expressed desire."’
    • ‘He may still look like a teenager, but this filmmaker is an articulate "emotional archeologist" who really sells the magic of history.’
    • ‘He is an archaeologist who is trying to unearth the truth about the 15th-century Welsh rebel Owen Glyndwr.’
    • ‘She is an Egyptian archaeologist prominent in the campaign to prevent the desecration of historic sites.’
    • ‘As an archaeologist, I am used to interpreting burials.’