• 1no object, with adverbial of place Have the curved shape of an arch.

    ‘a beautiful bridge that arched over a canal’
    • ‘The fronds were stiffened by ice and arched over the trickle like a tunnel of swords at a wedding.’
    • ‘The man trees arched over the house, as if shielding it from the elements.’
    • ‘The trail arched gently around a broad bay towards Krios headland, the corner of Crete, and a tiny chapel whose whitewashed walls gleamed like a beacon.’
    • ‘As they approached from a side street, the magnificent Ponte Vecchio came into view, arched over the river Arno.’
    • ‘And the tree grew thick, leafy branches that arched over the boy.’
    • ‘All over the city, the authorities have put up large billboards featuring bucolic scenes of date palms arched over a river bank.’
    • ‘A 15th century Genoese bridge arched over a boulder-strewn stream near the remains of an old mill, once used for making chestnut flour.’
    • ‘He was stood before a stretch of thick, dark trees that arched over a long cut of clear land; Lia presumed it was used as a path.’
    • ‘The long-faded remains of a painted rainbow can just be seen on a sewer pipe arching over the canal nearby.’
    • ‘But the reward was generous - a tremulous rainbow arched over the mountains, shaggy with greenery.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, the sky cleared, became blue and a perfect rainbow arched over me with one end in the sand.’
    • ‘The front fenders help to balance the density of the rear by arching above the hood to create a sense of power.’
    • ‘Trees arching over the banks of the creek are lit silvery orange by the glow of campfires and the night sky.’
    • ‘Brick stringcourses decorated rough stucco walls, while semicircular lunettes arched over the main floor windows.’
    • ‘Drive down the narrow country lane, trees arching above you, and turn into the unmarked drive and past the pond, and you could be entering an elite golf club, secluded from the Oxfordshire countryside that embraces it.’
    • ‘The tub-shaped space within the parapet, formerly open to the air and sun, was now arched over by a light dome of lath-work covered with felt.’
    1. 1.1 Form or cause to form the curved shape of an arch.
      no object ‘her eyebrows arched in surprise’
      with object ‘she arched her back’
      • ‘‘Grandmother,’ I addressed her tartly, one eyebrow arching uncontrollably.’
      • ‘Her face was pale, very pale - her golden eyebrows slightly arched in surprise as she saw me.’
      • ‘Louis took the letter, his eyebrows arching in surprise, and thanked the secretary.’
      • ‘Holding a barbell, stand with your knees slightly bent, your chest out and your back slightly arched.’
      • ‘Larry glanced at Adam, eyebrows arching in surprise.’
      • ‘Kato couldn't prevent his eyebrow from arching at that statement.’
      • ‘What followed had eyebrows arching everywhere.’
      • ‘He stared a long time, his eyebrow slowly arching.’
      • ‘Jake only laughed hollowly, one eyebrow arching.’
      • ‘‘Ray give that to me,’ I cut in sharply, causing Ray's eyebrows to arch in surprise.’
      • ‘Eyebrows arched, he crossed his arms stubbornly over his chest.’
      • ‘He glanced in her direction and his eyebrows arched in surprise when he saw her.’
      • ‘His head, arched over the pillow and framed by the blanket folded beneath his chin, was illuminated by pale moonlight.’
      • ‘I wondered what the drivers were thinking of, arched over their steering wheels, nose-to-tail in the rush hour jam.’
      • ‘Jen places her feet close together and, with her lower back tight and slightly arched, bends at the knees and hips.’
      • ‘Evan glanced at him while they walked, eyebrows arching.’
      • ‘To kiss this fabled rock first you must lie, arched backwards, leaning out from the castle's parapet with a 27-metre drop below.’
      • ‘She laughed at that and looked at him with one eyebrow arched.’
      • ‘His eyebrows sharply arched as he continued to read the letter.’
      • ‘Rachel stared after him in mild surprise, her eyebrow arched and her emerald gaze thoughtful.’
      curve, bow, bend, arc, curl
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