Definition of arch-fiend in English:



  • The Devil.

    • ‘Mather was a devoted Anglican minister who completely believed in the existence of witches and demons and warned of the dangers posed to New England's "New Jerusalem" by the Archfiend, Satan himself.’
    • ‘We are going to that castle over there, and striking a deal with the resident archfiend to make sure that they don't escape.’
    • ‘Amelia Wilson's illustrated history of the Devil is a wonderful introduction to the myth of the Archfiend as he appears throughout history and across religions and cultures.’
    • ‘Bands of angels and archangels follow the divine leader, while troops of demons and archfiends hasten after the evil lord.’
    • ‘The background makes it fun to pick your favorite archfiends, and easy to work up a ‘reason’ for the battle… I like the idea of exploring the politics of Hell.’
    • ‘This "argument" is a device of the sleepless Archfiend, the Adversary!’