Definition of arch-conservative in English:



  • Extremely averse to change and strongly adhering to traditional values.

    ‘his social philosophy is arch-conservative’
    • ‘More than a history, it is a checklist of arch-conservative talking points.’
    • ‘It is a country in which both rulers and ruled are equally arch-conservative.’
    • ‘While his archconservative views on some social issues drove more people away from his church, he never allowed his ideas to fuel malice or hatred.’
    • ‘Agents of change don't usually rise to the top in the arch-conservative world of Japanese business.’
    • ‘Some of the president's most ardent arch-conservative supporters are fired up for battle.’
    • ‘They fund diverse cultural fare in otherwise archconservative Utah.’
    • ‘To the liberal, civic-minded elite, he was widely seen as a showman, a closet politician whose arch-conservative views were at odds with the values of a secular democracy.’
    • ‘He made his last political speech in support of the arch-conservative John Claudius Beresford in 1802.’
    • ‘The arch-conservative American ambassador to the UN sounded the alarm last week.’
    • ‘The pamphlet continues to circulate among archconservative and white supremacist groups worldwide.’
    • ‘The arch-conservative editor of Commentary magazine recalled that in 1957 Roth complained to a mutual friend that he "disapproved of how foul-mouthed I was".’
    • ‘The funny thing, of course, is that both arch-conservative dissenters and arch-liberal dissenters from the Catholic Church talk this way.’
    • ‘For over a year, the president's chief strategist has been targeting this arch-conservative group.’
    • ‘The arch-conservative theologian does not reflect the country's self-image as secular, liberal and progressive.’
    • ‘In 1996 he backed an arch-conservative Texas senator for the Republican presidential nomination.’
    • ‘The advantage of having an archconservative American president, according to a certain line of thinking, is that he plants the seeds of revolt.’
    • ‘He's sure to stack the Supreme Court with arch-conservative judges.’
    • ‘He was known for his arch-conservative views.’
    • ‘Such judgmental questions sound like that arch-conservative self-righteous man who every young woman in the vicinity knows is a groping ogler.’
    • ‘Her archconservative, often libertarian, and sometimes extreme views made her popular with militia movements.’
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  • A person who is extremely averse to change and strongly adheres to traditional values.

    ‘her father was an arch-conservative in the colonial era tradition’
    • ‘The Reform Party national committee will vote on whether to oust the pugilistic arch-conservative who is seeking that party's candidacy.’
    • ‘They justified their alliance with the arch-conservative by explaining that it was a call for political reform, not an endorsement of his platform.’
    • ‘Her ex-best friend is now an arch-conservative with two children and a husband who knows nothing of her past.’
    • ‘His father was born into a rigid religious sect and was an archconservative - the empire, the colonial system and all that.’
    • ‘His supporters say it is misguided to describe him as an archconservative in thrall to big business.’
    • ‘The first few weeks of primaries, when he visited Bob Jones University and defined himself as an arch-conservative, harmed his general election standing.’
    • ‘It's exactly the interpretation you would expect from an arch-conservative secure in his ideology.’
    • ‘He is regarded by many as an arch-conservative and enemy of postwar democratic reforms.’
    • ‘He said he took the advice to heart, and jokingly called himself an "arch-conservative."’
    • ‘They're scared to death of this guy because they really believe he is the archconservative that they've always feared would step forward.’
    • ‘It makes it that much easier to portray someone like him as a right-of-center moderate instead of the arch-conservative he truly is.’
    • ‘The single greatest critic of the British Empire, Edmund Burke, was an archconservative who saw imperialism as an essentially radical project.’
    • ‘He was an archconservative who saw the world in terms of good and evil.’
    • ‘He has sometimes been pigeonholed as an arch-conservative.’
    • ‘The arch-conservative died of medical causes at a medical center in Raleigh.’
    • ‘In this article, you incorrectly mislabeled Milton Friedman as an "arch-conservative" when Friedman is actually a libertarian.’
    • ‘The first universal health insurance system was forged and passed in 1883 by an archconservative, Germany's Otto von Bismarck.’
    • ‘Born in 1881, he remained an arch-conservative, paying homage to his Soviet masters in the stirring march themes of the extrovert finale.’
    • ‘He is an arch-conservative who will stop at nothing to win political victory.’
    • ‘Theologically he was an arch-conservative and his refusal to condone condom usage has been a huge impediment in the fight against AIDS.’
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