Definition of arc sine in English:

arc sine

(also arcsin)


  • A mathematical function that is the inverse of the sine function.

    • ‘Proportions were converted to a normal distribution before analysis using an arcsin transformation after first correcting for zero values.’
    • ‘Every angle has just one sine, but the inverse function, the arc sine, wraps around to produce infinitely many values.’
    • ‘Linear regression gave reasonably good fits to the arcsin transformed data from most times and was, therefore, used to facilitate comparison among the data sets.’
    • ‘A simple linear regression for each of the density designations was employed using sampling date as the independent variable and arcsin transformed percentage of original number of plants as the dependent variable.’
    • ‘Prior to any statistical analysis, variables with non-normal distributions were transformed to logarithms, and percentage values were arcsin transformed.’


arc sine