Definition of arbitrator in English:



  • An independent person or body officially appointed to settle a dispute.

    ‘the facts of the case are put to an independent arbitrator’
    • ‘It has taken weeks of negotiations by the Football Authority to appoint the arbitrators after both Wimbledon and the Football League rejected several other names put forward.’
    • ‘If there is a dispute, the parties appoint arbitrators, contractually created judges to resolve the dispute.’
    • ‘It is likely that arbitrators and independent experts will remain busy for the foreseeable future.’
    • ‘But it must throw into doubt the ability of the tribunal to be a final arbitrator of disputes.’
    • ‘In the event of a request for arbitration, each party shall appoint an arbitrator and the arbitrators shall appoint an umpire.’
    • ‘A government arbitrator has been appointed to help try to resolve the dispute.’
    • ‘This body consisted of an international list of arbitrators who would mediate disputes between states.’
    • ‘He defended the role of his reader's editor, who acts as an independent arbitrator of reader complaints.’
    • ‘Each party shall appoint its arbitrator and the two arbitrators shall choose an umpire before instituting the hearing.’
    • ‘He is calling for the appointment of an independent arbitrator to nip the dispute in the bud.’
    • ‘So naturally when the arbitrators of the labour dispute committee heard the case, they couldn't help laughing either.’
    • ‘The latter, with the possible collaboration of two further arbitrators appointed by the parties, will have the task of proposing an agreement acceptable to both parties.’
    • ‘He's a fair, tough, but independent arbitrator and his reputation is second to none.’
    • ‘A forum such as the State Ombudsman, can act as the arbitrator in the event of future disputes.’
    • ‘We have been critics of domain dispute arbitrators since the beginning.’
    • ‘Judges who leave the bench in any state can go into practice as private mediators or arbitrators.’
    • ‘Parties can also use Information Technology professionals with training in computer security as arbitrators, rather than judges with no computer science background.’
    • ‘This act allows family disputes to be resolved outside of court by arbitrators according to their own religious and cultural beliefs.’
    • ‘The arbitral tribunal shall be composed of three arbitrators, it being agreed that all three arbitrators shall be appointed by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.’
    • ‘Management also offered to refer the matter before an independent arbitrator.’
    adjudicator, arbiter, judge, umpire, referee, assistant referee, linesman, line judge
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