Definition of araneid in English:



  • An invertebrate of an order that comprises the spiders.

    Order "Araneae", in particular the family "Araneidae"

    • ‘The araneids are distinguished by their rather short, stout legs which are very spiny in most of the genera.’
    • ‘Females hunted for araneid spiders among the dense vegetation bordering the sand in which they nested.’
    • ‘She was just sitting there, as araneids are wont to do when there is no prey on their web.’
    • ‘Yet, many araneids have evolved highly specialized web construction behaviors that result in webs unlike typical orb webs.’
    • ‘Wasps have been observed catching araneids by landing on the orb webs, enticing the spiders out from their retreat and capturing them without becoming entangled in the spider's web.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Araneida (former order name), from aranea ‘spider’.