Definition of aramid in English:



  • Any of a class of synthetic polyamides that are formed from aromatic monomers, and yield fibres of exceptional strength and thermal stability.

    • ‘The most common fibers used in structural applications are fiberglass, aramid, and carbon.’
    • ‘It is largely made from carbon and aramid, which replaces fibreglass and is said to be much stronger and lighter.’
    • ‘The bundles may comprise at least 10% reinforcing fibers, such as glass, aramid or acrylic.’
    • ‘The aramid fibers in the bead will stretch a little, typically enough to make a tight tire go on much more easily by hand afterwards.’
    • ‘The helmet shell is a one-piece composite structure made up of multiple levels of Kevlar® aramid fiber.’


1970s: from aromatic + polyamide.