Definition of aralia in English:



  • A plant of a very diverse group of trees and shrubs native to America and Asia. Several kinds are cultivated for their foliage and tiny flowers, and some are used in herbal medicine.

    • ‘My neighbor has a plant that has leaves like aralia but gets flowers like a hibiscus.’
    • ‘She starts by anchoring the arrangement with a single plant that can live year to year and look attractive in every season-a weeping blue Atlas cedar, Japanese aralia, or sago palm, for instance.’
    • ‘Large patches of the non-native Aralia elata were observed, and discussion followed concerning the importance of the inflorescence in determining species of woody aralias.’
    • ‘I've seen false aralia before,’ Micah replied.’
    • ‘Use a food-safe leaf, such as this Japanese aralia, for a small salad plate, or just for decoration.’


Modern Latin, of unknown origin.