Definition of arachnophobe in English:



  • See arachnophobia

    • ‘As the metamorphosis to Spiderman takes place, Parker learns to scale walls, swing from city rooftops and spin webs all over the place (an arachnophobe's worst nightmare).’
    • ‘Richard offered, knowing that Ashley was a bit of an arachnophobe.’
    • ‘But arachnophobes can relax: Assassin spiders are a mere eighth of an inch (two millimeters) long and are harmless to humans.’
    • ‘After her hands-on experience with a confirmed arachnophobe, Sally went round the room meeting several of the youngsters, many of whom showed no sign of nerves.’
    • ‘I think they are pretty creepy but I'm a bit of an arachnophobe myself.’