Definition of aquifer in English:



  • A body of permeable rock which can contain or transmit groundwater.

    • ‘The earth could not absorb the rainwater; as a result groundwater aquifers could not recharge.’
    • ‘Percolation pits dug along the lengths of the bunds would facilitate recharge of groundwater aquifers.’
    • ‘The artificial recharge of aquifers could help to counter overexploitation of groundwater resources.’
    • ‘Chalk rivers are fed from groundwater aquifers, which produce clear waters and a generally stable flow and temperature regime.’
    • ‘Likewise, most of the water supply for the town of Sonoyta, as well as the nearby border town of Lukeville, comes from the groundwater aquifer.’
    • ‘Therefore, the results of a wet base or a dry base are the same if the upper part of the aquifer is frozen: it is not possible to transmit water from the glacier into the rock mass.’
    • ‘The groundwater moved through the aquifer which was close to the Carrigower River, a designated Special Area of Conservation.’
    • ‘Today water-resource managers must increasingly consider how withdrawals affect the amount of water flowing in and out of aquifers.’
    • ‘Irrigation is overwhelmingly the largest use of the water from each of these aquifers.’
    • ‘The movement of saline water into freshwater aquifers, or saltwater intrusion, is usually caused by ground water pumping from coastal wells.’
    • ‘A less pleasant possibility was that we had intercepted an aquifer.’
    • ‘There are over 100 surface pumps that remove water from aquifers, geologic units where water is stored between grains of sand or in rock fissures.’
    • ‘Because of the long residence times typical of most bodies of groundwater, contaminated aquifers are not readily restored by natural processes.’
    • ‘These saline waters get pulled into local aquifers as wells and groundwater supplies are overdrawn.’
    • ‘Groundwater is found at varying depths underneath the earth's surface, in permeable rocks known as aquifers which are saturated by the infiltration of rainfall.’
    • ‘If dry-based ice covered the area, the aquifer would have become inactive.’
    • ‘Urbanization in turn leads to further adverse environmental effects, such as contamination of soils, surface water and aquifers through poor sanitation.’
    • ‘Such an effect has been enhanced by the extended, often illegal, overpumping of the deltaic aquifers.’
    • ‘But the complex geology overlying the mountain aquifers continues to challenge researchers.’
    • ‘Groundwater comes from an aquifer, an underground zone of saturated sand, gravel, or rock that yields significant quantities of water.’


Early 20th century: from Latin aqui- (from aqua ‘water’) + -fer ‘bearing’.