Definition of aqueduct in English:



  • 1An artificial channel for conveying water, typically in the form of a bridge across a valley or other gap.

    • ‘As it was dark, the storks were sleeping safely in their high roosting places on the tall pillars of the aqueduct.’
    • ‘A three-span bridge will carry the road over Semington Brook and an aqueduct will be built to take the Kennet and Avon canal over the bypass.’
    • ‘With local labour and resources, a two and a half kilometre canal, the seguia, was built of reinforced concrete, with a stone aqueduct over the valley that can also carry pedestrians.’
    • ‘At one point, the track ran alongside an aqueduct on a bridge over a road.’
    • ‘A river from the fading distance, which is one mist of collapsed aqueducts and castles, wanders between poplars and pollarded willows.’
    • ‘Police inquiries revealed that he was a keen cyclist - and a bike found earlier this month on the aqueduct crossing the River Lune near Halton has now been identified as his.’
    • ‘Some arch bridges and aqueducts built by the Romans are still standing.’
    • ‘It was the only aqueduct on the Erie Canal to carry both a water trough and a towpath over a river.’
    • ‘One of the biggest costs involved was the construction of a £1m aqueduct to carry the Kennet and Avon Canal over the road.’
    • ‘The card is an old picture of what appears to be a Roman aqueduct - a bridge over a river.’
    • ‘The aqueduct at Segovia in Spain is 60 meters high in places.’
    • ‘There is also a visitor centre and beautiful walks next to the River Avon and under the aqueduct carrying the Union Canal.’
    • ‘A canal, carried over the Mersey on an aqueduct, was constructed by authority of Parliament.’
    • ‘(The lower level of the aqueduct was intended as a bridge for people to use, and it remains this to this day).’
    • ‘Below the weir pool, a 200-year-old aqueduct in honey-coloured stone carries the canal through two right angles across the narrow, wooded valley.’
    • ‘From soaring aqueducts, deep tunnels and locks, to weathered stone showing signs of towing lines, some well-known, others not, the network offers visitors an evolving museum on their doorsteps.’
    conduit, race, channel, watercourse, waterway, sluice, sluiceway, spillway
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  • 2Anatomy
    A small duct in the body containing fluid.

    • ‘The tumor measured 64 x 35 x 27 mm and extended from the aqueduct to the Cl level of the spinal cord.’
    • ‘From the lateral ventricles CSF drains into the central third ventricle, and thence through the aqueduct in the midbrain into the fourth ventricle.’
    • ‘While at Queen Square he wrote an MD thesis on the radiology of the aqueduct and fourth ventricle.’
    • ‘The root fibers arising from the trochlear nuclei form a decussation dorsal to the mesencephalic aqueduct, and they are the only cranial nerves that cross completely and that leave the dorsal aspect of the brain stem.’


Mid 16th century: from obsolete French (now aqueduc), from Latin aquae ductus ‘conduit’, from aqua ‘water’ + ducere ‘to lead’.