Definition of aquarobics in English:


plural noun

  • often treated as singular Aerobic exercises performed in water.

    • ‘I am doing aquarobics (exercises in the water) three times a week.’
    • ‘If you can swim you can go swimming, canoeing, diving, play water polo or do aqua fitness sports such as aquarobics.’
    • ‘Somehow, my swims seem to coincide with aquarobics every time I try.’
    • ‘Swimming programs, such as aquarobics and swimming lessons, will rise between 10 and 30 cents.’
    • ‘The gym was heaving, though, so we ended up standing around in the tepid pool after the hippo class had finished its aquarobics, chatting about events of the week gone by.’
    • ‘Their preparation included four training sessions a week, gym workouts with personal trainers courtesy of the Gym and deep-water aquarobics.’
    • ‘I also swim and take aquarobics whenever I can.’
    • ‘I do aquarobics on Wednesdays, and I promised Sandra I'd go out with her one night this week, so…’
    • ‘Have members of the protest group thought that the delay in rebuilding means no school swimming lessons, aquarobics, family swims, aquanatal classes etc for many people?’
    • ‘Janice began almost daily classes in beginners' aquarobics in the pool and aerobics in the studio, and enjoyed it all.’
    • ‘Hello mate, we're all fine thanks, the baby's doing aquarobics as I type.’
    physical activity, movement, exertion, effort, work
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1980s: blend of aqua- and aerobics.