Definition of aquarist in English:



  • A person who keeps an aquarium.

    • ‘The main culprits for the release of invasive plants are actually aquarists and gardeners who unwittingly dump excess quantities of problem species into the countryside.’
    • ‘Under a microscope, aquarists saw developing eyes and pulsing mantles.’
    • ‘White worms are easy to raise. A plastic shoebox from the dollar store will meet the needs of most aquarists.’
    • ‘Feeding the Daphnia is where most aquarists fail.’
    • ‘I am not an aquarist, but my wife has a 44-gallon freshwater tank that is always crystal-clear.’
    • ‘Corallimorpharia are well known to aquarists because of their striking forms and colors, the latter often due to symbiotic zooxanthellae within the tissues of the polyp.’
    • ‘You can then gift a fellow aquarist with the culture to begin a vinegar eel colony of their own.’
    • ‘They were busy adding meaning to the club, which has its objectives neatly worked out: Bring together Indian aquarists, share the knowledge of experienced aquarists, improve the standards of aquaria.’
    • ‘Finally, responsible aquarists must work to educate beginners and others to avoid unnecessary death and destruction.’
    • ‘‘I know that some aquarists have trouble with certain anemones proliferating in their aquarium, so at least some anemones reproduce in captivity,’ he said.’
    • ‘Salt-water aquarists may already know what Trichoplax is - it's a common salt-water scavenger that crops up on the glass walls of aquaria, sliding around and eating algae.’
    • ‘The huge Queensland groper is Dom, after the aquarist who trapped it.’
    • ‘The tank is therefore cleaned daily by a stream of divers, mostly volunteers, under the watchful eye of the North Rock aquarist.’
    • ‘Using case studies and projections, this book is an excellent source of information for marine biologists, oceanographers, aquarists, and fishery scientists.’
    • ‘At the other end of the spectrum, nurse sharks are popular with aquarists, though they are highly predatory, often eating other organisms in the same tank.’
    • ‘She didn't even give up in December when aquarists, convinced the eggs weren't fertile, began draining her 3,600-gallon tank.’
    • ‘Butterflyfishes are one of the most popular tropical fishes with divers and aquarists.’
    • ‘‘These sharks are a targeted species for anglers in Tralee Bay and are becoming quite rare for various reasons,’ the aquarist told us.’