Definition of aptly in English:



  • In a manner that is appropriate or suitable in the circumstances.

    ‘America's aptly named Sunshine State’
    • ‘Perhaps nothing is so aptly named as the watermelon.’
    • ‘A friend, aptly named Squeeze, actually cooked and ate this 11-lemon recipe.’
    • ‘With the works it was permitted to borrow, the museum has certainly done an aptly exquisite justice to that achievement.’
    • ‘As the judge very aptly pointed out, the world as we knew it has dramatically changed.’
    • ‘The students have rather aptly nicknamed it Alcatraz.’
    • ‘Words can't aptly describe how hauntingly majestic the recording is.’
    • ‘The sweetheart neckline of her white leotard seemed to echo all too aptly the role she had begun to play in American life.’
    • ‘I believe that if the action is taken anywhere against them, as you so aptly said, you can't invoke the death penalty more than once.’
    • ‘I am told he is aptly qualified in that discipline as well.’
    • ‘The lyrics aptly sum up the questions being asked of the baby boomer generation by marketers from all walks of life.’