Definition of aptitude test in English:

aptitude test


  • A test designed to determine a person's ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge.

    • ‘Those reaching a specified minimum points standard would sit an aptitude test in order to determine suitability to become a doctor.’
    • ‘They argue it is unfair to assign places based on how graduates perform in the aptitude test, and that individual schools should be given the power to decide on the language of instruction.’
    • ‘First was an aptitude test, one that a mildly stupid chimp could have passed if you'd have offered him a grape or two.’
    • ‘And up to 2 percent of recruits can be enlisted even if they scored in the lowest acceptable range on a service aptitude test, compared with 1.5 percent last year.’
    • ‘Overall, boys continue to do better on standardized tests such as the scholastic aptitude test, though more low-income girls than low-income boys take it, thus depressing girls' scores.’
    • ‘I even saw a few questions reappear from the aptitude test I sat just before Christmas.’
    • ‘Even when the test was changed to an aptitude test in the 1930s, the intentions were to increase access to college.’
    • ‘Shortly after graduation, the U.S. Army called him for duty, and his unusually high score on the aptitude test afforded him the opportunity to name his own assignment.’
    • ‘I just took a military aptitude test and absolutely aced it.’
    • ‘The programme will be of five rounds, consisting of a general aptitude test, just-a-minute competition, mock interview, group discussion and talent scan.’
    • ‘Moreover, the Army has recruited 667 soldiers this year who are deemed Category 4, those who scored less than 30 points on the military aptitude test.’
    • ‘And this, I swear, is the aptitude test in its verbatim entirety.’
    • ‘That number was further reduced to 34 who were selected after passing a grueling aptitude test involving a 5km marathon which included crawling through a 20 metre dark tunnel.’
    • ‘A lawyer who has ‘effectively and regularly’ practised as a lawyer in Ireland for at least three years may become a barrister or solicitor without having to undergo an aptitude test.’
    • ‘It is likely that at least 100 of the additional places would be set aside for degree holders, but it remains uncertain whether they and school-leaving applicants would have to sit an aptitude test.’
    • ‘He did so with the aid of nepotistic influence, jumping a long line, despite a 25 percent score on his pilot aptitude test - and despite a series of driving convictions that should have required a special waiver.’
    • ‘Half way through their first year the students undergo an aptitude test.’
    • ‘I've had my aptitude test, now I'm just waiting to hear if I've got the job.’
    • ‘They have to pass an aptitude test and a stringent interview.’
    • ‘The workshops will mainly involve an aptitude test and look at grooming the personality of children through interactive drama and games among other things.’