Definition of apterygote in English:



  • A primitive wingless insect of the group Apterygota, which includes the bristletails and springtails.

    • ‘In all apterygotes and in mayflies it is bidirectional.’
    • ‘In a current project we concentrate on the basal insects and aim to elucidate the phylogeny among the so-called apterygotes and their relationships to other arthropods using molecular and morphological approaches.’
    • ‘In the past the collembolans, proturans and two other groups; the diplurans and the thysanurans were all grouped together as the apterygotes or the wingless insects.’
    • ‘The lateral imprints of the thoracic legs appear too long to have been made by an apterygote, particularly a monuran.’
    • ‘Your discussion should include descriptions of the life habits, types of metamorphosis and morphological characteristics of the apterygotes, but the main focus should be o evaluating arguments for or against including the apterygotes in the Class Insecta.’