Definition of approvingly in English:



  • In a manner resulting from or revealing approval.

    ‘several heads nodded approvingly at this concept’
    • ‘People who write in votes for nonexistent candidates such as Mickey Mouse are often cited approvingly in media outlets.’
    • ‘It will be noted approvingly that the prose poem blurs boundaries.’
    • ‘Numerous early records speak approvingly of him as wise and compassionate.’
    • ‘He just looked on approvingly, but never said much.’
    • ‘I looked approvingly at myself in the mirror.’
    • ‘Some even spoke approvingly of "wars of choice."’
    • ‘He had approvingly described seventeen seances with Mrs. Piper.’
    • ‘Reporting on a conference co-sponsored by the high lama and the technical institute, she commented approvingly that "science and faith are making nice almost everywhere."’
    • ‘He approvingly posted a piece entitled "Politicians must never be the guardians of our press."’
    • ‘He nodded approvingly, indicating for me to continue.’