Definition of approval rating in English:

approval rating


  • The percentage of respondents to an opinion poll who express approval of someone or something, typically a political figure.

    ‘the president's approval rating is down from the last poll’
    • ‘The company also reported a 95% contract retention rate, which is a measure of the approval rating of its services by customers.’
    • ‘Early poll results seemed to indicate backing for his actions and heightened approval ratings among Catholics.’
    • ‘I know that there is a pretty low approval rating of Congress.’
    • ‘The film raked in a 77% approval rating, though many friends I talked with thought it was lethargic and boring.’
    • ‘Polls gauge the colorful Premier's approval rating at 80%.’
    • ‘His approval ratings are going right straight down.’
    • ‘Residents gave strong approval ratings to enhanced networking efforts.’
    • ‘Two polls come out this week with the president's approval rating under 40 percent.’
    • ‘When you have a 39 percent job approval rating, you just can't get very much done.’
    • ‘He left office with the highest approval rating of any departing U.S. President.’