Definition of appropriateness in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being suitable or proper in the circumstances.

    ‘some staff members question the appropriateness of this practice’
    ‘activities are selected for their appropriateness to the day's weather’
    • ‘This raises a more fundamental question about the appropriateness of opinion surveys in terms of determining what "should be."’
    • ‘I'm not about to debate the appropriateness of the attitude.’
    • ‘There's a longer essay here on the appropriateness of this material for kids.’
    • ‘I think the question of its appropriateness depends on how you view the role of the critic.’
    • ‘The student may report symptoms of a problem that alert the counselor to the appropriateness of a referral for further assessment.’
    • ‘They are sparking a debate about the appropriateness of a military course of action.’
    • ‘I wonder if you could briefly comment on the movie's appropriateness for young fans.’
    • ‘They are particularly sensitive to interpersonal and situational specifications of behavioral appropriateness.’
    • ‘The appropriateness of using survey data for drawing conclusions about computer and Internet use patterns needs to be verified.’
    • ‘The appropriateness of traditional reward systems may be limited.’