Definition of approbate in English:



  • Approve formally; sanction.

    ‘a letter approbating the affair’
    • ‘On a true appreciation of the position, this is not a case in which it can be said that the respondent company has elected between two inconsistent remedies; nor that it has sought to approbate and reprobate.’
    • ‘You want to approbate and reprobate, as it were.’
    • ‘He is the only Chancery Judge there and what he is saying, I think, at 114 is you cannot approbate and reprobate.’
    • ‘Some of them have already been synthesized and approbated, the synthesis and testing of others is still forthcoming.’
    • ‘‘If I act any further, I would be seen to approbate with a document that is flawed,’ he stated.’
    tolerate, permit, allow, admit of, approve, approve of, agree to, consent to, give one's blessing to, take kindly to, be in favour of, favour, hold with, go along with, put up with, endure, brook, stomach, swallow, bear
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Late Middle English: from Latin approbat- ‘approved’, from the verb approbare, from ad- ‘to’ + probare ‘try, test’ (from probus ‘good’).