Definition of appro in English:



in phrase on appro
  • On approval.

    • ‘All products sent on Appro will be invoiced after 14 days.’
    • ‘Place this sale on appro, which is a form of sale where goods are lent to a customer on approval, with the assumption that they will buy them, however they may return them also.’
    • ‘Inquire asking for shipping costs to your city, maybe about availability of the item, and anything else - like your intended method of payment, or whether you just want to try something out on appro.’
    • ‘We do not order overseas titles to send on appro but are happy to send on appro if we already have the title in stock.’
    • ‘We do not give animals on appro, but the adoption process does allow for animals to be returned if they do not fit into your family, within a certain time frame.’
    • ‘Today, it's a tribute to the store that service standards are so high and they will still send articles ‘on appro’ and by mail and wrap them for you.’
    on trial, under probation
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