Definition of apprize in English:


(also apprise)


[WITH OBJECT]archaic
  • 1Put a price on; appraise:

    ‘the sheriff was to apprize the value of the lands’
    • ‘In spite of this, they seem to have completely forgotten this principle when they fail to apprize the value of the Wordless Scriptures.’
    • ‘We ask the first question in order to apprise the value of further study of Neptune effect.’
    • ‘To apprise the value of the contrast agent, it must be compared against a standard.’
  • 2Value highly; esteem:

    ‘how highly your Highness apprizeth peace’


Late Middle English: from Old French aprisier, from a- (from Latin ad to, at) + prisier to price, prize, from pris (see price). The change in the ending in the 17th century was due to association with prize.