Definition of apprehended violence order in English:

apprehended violence order


  • A court order issued to protect an individual who has a reasonable fear of violence or harrassment from a specified person.

    ‘after he threatened her with a knife, an apprehended violence order was granted against him’
    • ‘Another worker has taken out an Apprehended Violence Order against his employer after he had received reports of threats made against him by his boss.’
    • ‘The court can't guarantee you that the husband won't break the apprehended violence order.’
    • ‘A heated verbal argument led to him going to court to get an apprehended violence order against the official.’
    • ‘These workers support women when they are applying for an Apprehended Violence Order.’
    • ‘He still stays away due to an Apprehended Violence Order.’
    • ‘We want legal services providing assistance with apprehended violence orders to women who fear domestic violence.’
    • ‘The magistrate could get her an interim Apprehended Violence Order to make sure her husband stayed away.’
    • ‘There is no system of apprehended violence orders available in the Ukraine.’
    • ‘She sought an apprehended violence order against her former boyfriend.’
    • ‘The youth had an apprehended violence order (AVO) issued against him, and was also wanted on a separate assault charge.’