Definition of appraisement in English:



  • See appraise

    • ‘Such notice, when published, need only state that the hearing will be for the purpose of confirming the report of the commissioners as to the appraisement of land taken for the use of the district.’
    • ‘Part of this method of appraisement may include analysis by the party being assessed - namely students, whether they are traditional or nontraditional, or pharmacy practitioners.’
    • ‘On the basis of swimmer-observation by the coach and reliable psychological appraisement, the possibility of burnout/overtraining should be assessed early, and appropriate preventive actions taken.’
    • ‘Isis looked over at her brother, who was looking at her with a mixture of appraisement and childish conceit.’
    • ‘At present, expert appraisements for a change in civil status occur after surgery.’