Definition of appraisal in English:



  • 1An act of assessing something or someone.

    ‘she carried out a thorough appraisal’
    mass noun ‘the report has been subject to appraisal’
    • ‘When exposed to parental conflict, adolescents make cognitive appraisals, evaluating the threat of the conflict and attributing blame.’
    • ‘Furthermore, we assessed mothers' appraisals subsequent to the interactions in which ratings of overreactivity were made.’
    • ‘A positive appraisal would confirm the view that interest rates have indeed finally turned and that the deflation threat is over.’
    • ‘Ministers following public consultation will take final decisions based on the factual appraisal and views expressed by interested parties.’
    • ‘The last section of the appraisal assesses company demographics.’
    • ‘At the end of each year, the job performances of the Internet commentators will be evaluated for the annual appraisals and feedback.’
    • ‘The village of Dounby has become the preferred site for Orkney's new old folk's home, being placed at the top of the list of possible sites in Orkney subject to a project appraisal.’
    • ‘The appraisal begins by assessing the respondents awareness of health promotion.’
    • ‘As these types of questions aren't even entertained in the current environment, a cool appraisal of the evidence has proved elusive.’
    • ‘General factors also included several items representing patients' subjective appraisals of pain control, the adequacy of sleep/rest, and level of anxiety.’
    • ‘Applications received are subject to a detailed appraisal before the Commission makes a decision.’
    • ‘While appraisals normally assess the role of a single intervention, a clinical guideline covers the whole range of the management of patients with specific diseases.’
    • ‘Like all traditional appraisals, these appraisals characterize weapons and military equipment during the stages predating the object's existence.’
    • ‘An environmental appraisal will be carried out for all the routes.’
    • ‘Many have recognized the importance of energy in an appraisal but say they lack the necessary tools and comparisons to verify their calculations.’
    • ‘The most important aspect of treating oesophageal pain is a sympathetic appraisal of patients' problems.’
    • ‘First, because individuals' emotional and health behavior responses to health threats are influenced to a large degree by their subjective interpretations, these appraisals must be assessed.’
    • ‘Initially, the physician should do a health-risk appraisal of each patient.’
    • ‘Under the new plan in Scotland, hospital medical directors would be shown the figures during surgeons' annual appraisals, but patients would have no rights to inspect them.’
    • ‘The current legal provision that privatisation appraisals of foreign-trade companies are subject to approval by the finance minister will be revoked.’
    assessment, evaluation, estimation, judgement, rating, gauging, sizing up, summing-up, consideration
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    1. 1.1 A formal assessment, typically in an interview, of the performance of an employee over a particular period.
      ‘all appraisals will be held in the next couple of weeks’
      as modifier ‘an appraisal system’
      • ‘The draft sets out the elements which the committee believes an appraisal system for consultants should contain.’
      • ‘Any appraisal system must be fair and should enable employers to recognise their responsibilities for continuing professional development of career grade doctors.’
      • ‘At the Monday office business meeting, you asked for a collection of opinions about the new appraisal system by the various departments, all to be completed within one week.’
      • ‘Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union are beginning a two-day stoppage over a pay claim and an unpopular appraisal system.’
      • ‘Many are wringing their hands about the pay appraisal system.’
      • ‘The union is so angered by the appraisal system, which it says has unfairly downgraded many workers, that it is taking High Court action against the Government.’
      • ‘They are also refusing to cover for absent colleagues or comply with the university's appraisal and performance management system.’
      • ‘Members in the Department for Work and Pensions are locked in a bitter dispute with management over pay and a discriminatory appraisal system.’
      • ‘These activists refused to carry out staff appraisals under the Performance Development Scheme.’
      • ‘The talks revolve around a little more pay and the hated appraisal system, which links pay to performance.’
      • ‘The whole question of appraisals, performance, development, review to be improved, I think, again, it is an example of work in progress.’
      • ‘The appraisal system has to be scrapped altogether.’
      • ‘Employee appraisal, training, and development involve both informally and formally evaluating employee performance and the need for training and development.’
      • ‘The appraisal system helps stimulate the development of alternative solutions to a particular problem by clarifying the consequences of all options considered.’
      • ‘Even with the appraisal system, there is still a second sight of it, and we would want that.’
      • ‘Performance management begins with an appraisal system which encompasses tracking, bench-marking, and formal follow-up.’
      • ‘The company in Ireland has confirmed it uses a controversial employee appraisal system in all its businesses here, where 4,500 people are employed.’
      • ‘The main problem is that there will still be an appraisal system based on quotas.’
      • ‘His main residual anxiety is over the appraisal system itself.’
      • ‘From next year, doctors will be ‘revalidated’ every five years under a national appraisal system to prove their competence.’
      assessment, evaluation, estimation, judgement, rating, gauging, sizing up, summing-up, consideration
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