Definition of appositional in English:



  • Relating to apposition.

    • ‘By virtue of the appositional relation, ‘the crime’ is elaborated as ‘shoplifting’, while ‘shoplifting’ is categorized as ‘a crime’.’
    • ‘By postnatal day 5, the developing teeth have reached appositional stage where both enamel and dentine are deposited in the crown.’
    • ‘The complex appositional NP in the pledge does commit the pledger to a number of claims: that the USA is a single nation, located under God in some sense, indivisible, having liberty for all, and having justice for all.’
    • ‘Opting for an unusually loose, appositional syntax which strings together phrases or clauses that come at a phenomenon from different angles, he manages to give a sensuous concreteness to abstract concepts.’
    • ‘As the first 18 minutes found one floating in appositional locutions, ‘Release’ is ‘performative; ‘a world weaved from words.’’


  • A term standing in apposition.

    • ‘The parenthetic principle functions as appositional, alongside, but also foundational, rendering a more emphatic assertion unnecessary.’