Definition of apportionable in English:



  • See apportion

    • ‘Unlike the situation in the United States and Canada, there is no higher-level government in the EU that provides a definition of income from which to start in defining apportionable income; each Member State goes its own way.’
    • ‘The need for Member States to reach agreement on the definition of apportionable income, the rules for consolidation of groups, and the apportionment formula raises knotty problems, as does the question of tax administration.’
    • ‘He was no longer a half soul; a freak; a wanderer; a joker with no apportionable purpose.’
    • ‘The Tribunal erred in finding that the variable elements of his pay were properly to be regarded as akin to an annual bonus apportionable throughout the year, and in failing to give reasons for that finding.’
    • ‘The adoption of DA as the third apportionable mission category in counterland doctrine will formally define the ability of airpower to engage and destroy an adversary's fielded military capabilities under defined circumstances.’