Definition of apport in English:



  • A material object produced supposedly by occult means, especially at a seance.

    • ‘If you have received an apport, then you, or someone in the vicinity, probably possess an degree of physical mediumship energy.’
    • ‘Supposedly materialized or teleported gifts from the spirits, apports appear at some seances under varying conditions-sometimes tumbling out of a spirit trumpet, for example.’
    • ‘He featured the production of apports, the floating-trumpet-with-spirit-voices feat, and something called ‘spirit precipitations on silk.’’
    • ‘Apports have been recorded as arriving in various ways.’
    • ‘What is available is a videotape of the guru clumsily trying to produce a necklace for a politician at a public event, fumbling about under a trophy he is carrying, and almost dropping the ‘apport’ in a really sloppy performance.’
    • ‘At the latter dark-room seance, I received an ‘apport,’ an object supposedly transported from the spirit realm.’
    • ‘Tom and I were stunned; in fact this is an understatement, as we have never received an apport directly like this.’


Late 19th century: from French apport ‘something brought’, from apporter ‘bring to’.