Definition of apply in English:



  • 1no object Make a formal application or request.

    ‘you need to apply to the local authority for a grant’
    with infinitive ‘a number of people have applied to vote by proxy’
    • ‘Anyone who is entitled to vote and isn't on the register already can apply to get on the Supplement.’
    • ‘Women artists working in all disciplines are encouraged to apply and may request up to $2,000.’
    • ‘Any voter who wants to vote but doesn't want to go to the station in person can apply to vote by post.’
    • ‘In that case the petitioning creditor had agreed to apply to withdraw the petition on terms that the debtor paid off the petition debt by instalments.’
    • ‘So media houses must apply to be registered, and furnish the government with certain details as requested on the forms provided.’
    • ‘The chief state solicitor would then apply to the High Court for arrest warrants for the three, which would trigger a hearing of the court.’
    • ‘Couples wishing to enter a civil union have to apply to the local registry for a licence.’
    • ‘Under the scheme, firms that apply to register before September 30 will not be penalised.’
    • ‘Health bosses will finally apply to register them with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.’
    • ‘In exceptional circumstances a child can instruct a solicitor to apply to the Court for the right to see their family, including their brothers or sisters.’
    • ‘She has contacted the Charity Commission to apply to be a registered charity.’
    • ‘Parents whose children have been rejected from their preferred schools can apply to appeals tribunals for the decision to reviewed.’
    • ‘You may apply to register only for the voting district in which you are resident.’
    • ‘I decided not to apply to vote in the recent election.’
    • ‘You have to apply to the Employment Appeals Tribunal within six months.’
    • ‘Prosecution lawyers now have two or three days in which they can apply to appeal against the decision.’
    • ‘That might remove the need for applicants to apply to the appeal authority later on.’
    • ‘The electorate can apply to cast their vote at elections and the Government is now considering options to expand the scheme.’
    • ‘Any volunteers who help gather signatures must be registered voters and must apply to volunteer.’
    • ‘Under its provisions, parties are able to produce and distribute their own version of the postal ballot form to apply to vote by post.’
    put in an application, put in, try, bid, appeal, petition, make an entreaty, sue, register, audition
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    1. 1.1 Put oneself forward formally as a candidate for a job.
      ‘she had applied for a number of positions’
      • ‘Peter emerged successful over five other candidates who had applied for the position.’
      • ‘As it turned out, none of them actually applied for the job, they were just put forward by their caseworker.’
      • ‘The job will be offered to one of the 16 unsuccessful candidates who applied for the job last year.’
      • ‘So he applies for the job and he's the only guy who's applied for the job so he gets it.’
      • ‘He said he had applied for an advertised post, failed to get the job but had then been contacted later on and invited to apply for a different post.’
      • ‘In 2000, when the airline hired stewardesses in South Korea, more than 700 young women applied for the positions.’
      • ‘She applied for a teaching position with little optimism and was thrilled when she was eventually told she had beaten off competition from younger applicants to secure the post.’
      • ‘The Government allowed immigrants who had applied for asylum before that date to apply for work.’
      • ‘You have two candidates with similar credentials who have applied for one position.’
      • ‘And it will come as no surprise that a lot of candidates have probably applied for such position.’
      • ‘Likewise, appointments panels may see only three or four of the 200 candidates who have applied for a vacancy.’
      • ‘I applied for jobs I quite fancied, many more that I didn't but was supposed to, and at least once a year I had to apply for my own job.’
      • ‘Geraldton Secondary College's new Highbury campus principal was looking for a new challenge when she applied for the position.’
      • ‘A total of 25 people applied for the job the next morning.’
      • ‘I applied for a job in that august educational institution known to locals as The Uni.’
      put in an application, put in, try, bid, appeal, petition, make an entreaty, sue, register, audition
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  • 2no object Be applicable or relevant.

    ‘prices do not apply to public holiday periods’
    ‘normal rules apply’
    • ‘The normal wear and tear rules apply to furnished holiday lettings.’
    • ‘New federal ethics rules apply to all companies, regardless of size.’
    • ‘Parents probably have a few rules that apply to you, so respect that.’
    • ‘That free vote will apply to ministers and whips as well as to back-benchers.’
    • ‘Parliament intended that the authorisation of relevant acts was to apply to existing demonstrations.’
    • ‘However, the extent to which these findings would apply to women seeking the presidency or vice presidency is unknown.’
    • ‘Check with your employer or plan administrator regarding the rules that apply to the qualified plan.’
    • ‘Due to the crackdown on money laundering, stringent rules now apply to banks when customers do business involving even small sums of money.’
    • ‘But cops must play by rules which don't apply to international relations.’
    • ‘Note that the bandwidth limit does not apply to requests originating from the same machine.’
    • ‘The scheme will apply to civil claims for faulty goods and services as well as personal injury claims and damage to property up to an agreed figure.’
    • ‘By his actions he has shown that he believes the normal rules do not apply to him.’
    • ‘Such a situation would not apply to the appeal proposal.’
    • ‘Both branches of the doctrine apply to these claims.’
    • ‘Deductibles may apply to each claim and certain coverage may be limited.’
    • ‘Accelerated procedure is intended to apply to claims which are certified.’
    • ‘They think laws don't apply to them, rules were meant for them to break and everyone should move out of their way when the come through.’
    • ‘However, such relativism is self-refuting since what it states about knowledge must equally apply to that claim itself.’
    • ‘If you then go, if you would, to the document that was given to me when I sought to find out the relevant rules that apply to lodging a group nomination.’
    • ‘This noble mission, however, does not currently apply to people who seek only subjective perfection.’
    be relevant, have relevance to, have a bearing on, bear on, appertain, pertain, relate, concern, be concerned with, have to do with
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    1. 2.1with object Bring or put into operation or use.
      ‘the oil industry has failed to apply appropriate standards of care’
      • ‘When productivity as an economic metric is applied to the whole operation, the welfare of the individual animal is ignored.’
      • ‘The question is whether Australian standards should be applied to them.’
      • ‘We applied an appropriate standard technique of administering the drug into a vein of the forearm.’
      • ‘European standards were applied to the development of the administration, the economy, culture and the army.’
      • ‘A bootstrap method is then applied to estimate the standard deviations of the regression coefficients.’
      • ‘A conservative standard was applied to making equity determinations.’
      • ‘Every thief applies a standard of behavior towards others that he would never allow to be applied to himself.’
      • ‘It was not appropriate to apply a higher standard than the ‘real possibility’ test.’
      • ‘‘The ideas and innovations which have been brought together can be applied to any home,’ she said.’
      • ‘But these safety standards are not applied to the aerial spraying in Colombia.’
      • ‘The same operation is applied to all of the elements of the structure by the simultaneous operation of the vector processors.’
      • ‘Standard precautions are applied to all patients being cared for in health care facilities, regardless of diagnoses.’
      • ‘The highest artistic standards would still be applied to the top groups and performers by their cognoscenti audiences and critics.’
      • ‘So while the navy will be recruiting fewer men and women, higher standards will be applied to those trying to join up.’
      • ‘You apply the appropriate standards of behaviour and again you consider all the circumstances.’
      • ‘In short, trauma counselling is not a standard medicine to be applied to everyone regardless of need.’
      • ‘By the mid-1890s, such rhythms were being applied to both the standard form of the march and to the song form.’
      • ‘His Honour applied the appropriate civil standard of proof appropriately understood - and so on.’
      • ‘Also, the mission must be applied to the facility operations and the camp priorities.’
      • ‘Until now, that provision has never been applied to efforts to bring terrorist criminals to justice.’
      administer, deliver, issue, discharge, deal, bestow, dole out, mete out
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  • 3with object Put or spread (a substance) on a surface.

    ‘the sealer can be applied to new wood’
    • ‘The other, the sport condition, affects the way the oil is applied on the surface of the lanes.’
    • ‘The solution is to pressure wash the surface, then apply a cementaceous coating that reduces moisture absorption.’
    • ‘The method is similar to what is called dry fresco in Europe, as the paints are applied to a dry surface, not wet plaster as in true fresco.’
    • ‘The coatings are applied to the interior surface of the window.’
    • ‘Once the paint is applied to a surface, it should be able to stay there.’
    • ‘A mixture of bean paste and lime is applied to stencil patterns on the cotton before it is dyed with indigo.’
    • ‘Low emission coatings are applied to the inside surface which reduce heat loss through the glass.’
    • ‘Cleaning substances were applied to the faux mink, the faucets, the phone and the co-pilot's hands.’
    • ‘Densely rendered layers of pastel, mud and paint are applied to surfaces with images referencing the elements of fire, water, air and earth.’
    • ‘Then the mixture is applied to a cleaned device surface and activated by ultraviolet light.’
    • ‘To control the growth of these organisms on boats, antifouling coatings are periodically applied to their surfaces.’
    • ‘An oily, fingerprint-like substance was applied to the recording surfaces of two discs.’
    • ‘A thin covering of pure silver is applied to a base metal, often copper or nickel, by means of electrolysis.’
    • ‘The first step is to prepare the surface by applying a mixture of mortar, sand and molasses.’
    • ‘After the film is applied to a surface, the emulsion particles coagulate a form a stable film.’
    • ‘Mould and mildew can be removed from bathroom surfaces by applying white vinegar.’
    • ‘An aluminum bronze coating is applied to one of the parts.’
    • ‘A roller is used to apply ink to the surface, which adheres to the drawn lines, but is repelled by the rest of the damp surface.’
    • ‘Clean both surfaces and apply a light coating of grease upon reassembly.’
    • ‘When used with insulated glass panels, the coating is applied to the outer surface of the inner skin.’
    put on, rub in, spread, smear, cover with, work in
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    1. 3.1 Use; exert.
      ‘smooth over with a cloth, applying even pressure’
      • ‘It is a very complicated process where we have to apply pressure.’
      • ‘As well as finger pressure, practitioners may use elbows, knees and even feet to apply pressure or massage to the correct points.’
      • ‘I will not be applying any pressure on Liam, it will solely be his decision.’
      • ‘Aware that families missing loved ones are in more of a hurry than they are, experienced rebel negotiators have become expert in applying psychological pressure.’
      • ‘But when I apply pressure nothing comes out and the flames grow even more ferocious, enveloping the room in what might be a derelict tenement.’
      • ‘I mean, it's that same old thing about the supermarket check-out, where children will apply a lot of pressure to get their own way too.’
      • ‘The blood stained the silken cloth as he applied pressure to the wound.’
      • ‘And, therefore, I feel now is the time to say we are against appeasement, and we have to apply pressure.’
      • ‘They may be applying diplomatic pressure behind the scenes, but there comes a time when that is inadequate.’
      • ‘The practitioner's feet are used to apply pressure along the recipient's back, arms and legs.’
      • ‘With college teachers and parents applying pressure on their wards to get high grades, soft skills such as communication and presentation have taken a backseat.’
      • ‘But we were applying such pressure and supporting each other well at that time - so scores were inevitable.’
      • ‘The visitors had discovered what the home side had singularly failed to do in the first half, that long territory guzzling kicks using the wind and slope would apply the pressure.’
      • ‘In recent times, going on strike to apply pressure for any grievance in favour of employees has become the in-thing.’
      • ‘Using blended oils, the masseur skilfully used his palms and fingertips to apply pressure in a series of flowing movements across my body.’
      • ‘He called on the Government to apply the maximum pressure on the commission to come to an early agreement so that those low-income farmers can be paid.’
      • ‘Where education does not prevent or correct the situation, the Coalition employs advocacy and applies additional pressure.’
      • ‘By mechanically applying an even pressure over the body, the squeeze chair creates a calming effect without the terror and over-stimulation of human touch.’
      • ‘Pressure is constantly applied on school administrations to attract greater numbers or face stiff funding cuts.’
      • ‘It's up to them to apply pressure on the government - and on the newspapers to which they subscribe - to stop the threat.’
      exert, administer, implement, use, exercise, employ, utilize, practise, put into practice, execute, prosecute, enact, carry out, put to use, bring into effect, bring into play, bring to bear
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  • 4apply oneselfGive one's full attention to a task; work hard.

    ‘for two years, she applied herself to her studies with dedication’
    • ‘From the Eagles' perspective, the run into the finals is going to be an absorbing affair, as August is traditionally the time when players apply themselves to the task in earnest.’
    • ‘We know we are capable of beating a lot of teams provided we keep applying ourselves and working hard.’
    • ‘Working under severe weather conditions, the cable party applied itself diligently to all tasks assigned by command.’
    • ‘Rich in cultural capital and attuned to information and communication structures, they apply themselves assiduously to the task of self-fulfillment.’
    • ‘Hawks began at the double and applied themselves to the task at hand with vim and vigour, taking all the early ball and constructing an effortless try in the process.’
    • ‘But I'm quite sure you can only imagine the dedication with which we applied ourselves to the tasks in hand…’
    • ‘But after the Thanksgiving break, she began to have trouble getting through her assigned reading and had to work harder to apply herself.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I want head teachers to be tough with teachers within their schools to make sure that the teachers are applying themselves to their tasks.’’
    • ‘The fact is girls study harder and apply themselves to tasks more.’
    • ‘Although I have finally been given a small piece of work to do (nothing crucial, generous deadline), I'm finding it hard to apply myself after such a long period of enforced inactivity.’
    • ‘The court found that the professor's absence from his home institution for three days a week ‘clearly prevented him from applying himself full time to his scholarship and service at the University.’’
    • ‘I know this may sound like a difficult challenge but if you apply yourself to the task you can get a modicum of enjoyment from the dross in your mailbox.’
    • ‘Now that was a task I could apply myself to with relish.’
    • ‘They have now played two consecutive games whereby they applied themselves for the full 100 minutes.’
    • ‘I'm the kind of person that needs something to grasp my attention completely for me to apply myself fully - that's the good thing about my work, it's not at all taxing, so I can get away with less than 70% effort!’
    • ‘Your great interest in drawing anime characters demonstrates to me that if you try hard enough and simply apply yourself you can paint with the masters!’
    • ‘For the next couple of weeks I shall be applying myself to this unfortunately necessary task.’
    • ‘Girls, who tend to apply themselves harder, provide a steadying influence.’
    • ‘His inability to apply himself to a given task, however, resurfaces in less than a fortnight.’
    • ‘Most of us at some point in our lives face difficulties that seem insurmountable, but we apply ourselves and struggle through.’
    be diligent, be industrious, be assiduous, show commitment, show dedication
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Late Middle English: from Old French aplier, from Latin applicare ‘fold, fasten to’, from ad- ‘to’ + plicare ‘to fold’.