Definition of applicator in English:



  • A device used for inserting something or for applying a substance to a surface.

    ‘an eyeshadow applicator’
    ‘fertilizer and herbicide applicators’
    • ‘Apply the stain with the 4-inch brush or an applicator and pad.’
    • ‘These come in bottles or syringe-like applicators and are poured into the vehicle's tank, along with unleaded petrol.’
    • ‘The applicator allows patients to regulate their dose depending on their level of illness and has been compared to an inhaler used in the treatment of asthma.’
    • ‘The idea is to use the roller as a wick applicator that will apply the chemical to the taller growing blades of the nutgrass, but avoid coming in contact with the lawn grasses below.’
    • ‘It is possible to topdress ammonia, but special applicators equipped with narrow knives are required to avoid damaging wheat stands.’
    • ‘With these applicators, the herbicide is applied by rubbing the weeds with a rope wetted with the chemical.’
    • ‘They are working on herbicide applicators and seed drills for restoration work.’
    • ‘The company offers a number of systems, including air-free syringes, tube dispensers, pens, and multishot applicators.’
    • ‘By all means, toss those compact brushes and tiny sponge applicators that come with your makeup - take my word for it, they just don't cut it!’
    • ‘It flows well and is easily applied with most fertilizer applicators.’
    • ‘It holds a measly quarter-ounce of lube, which is next to nothing, but the needle-like applicator means you can oil up parts with pinpoint precision.’
    • ‘Use a sponge applicator or brush to apply solid colour to the lid, then blend out towards the socket and brow bone with your fingers.’
    • ‘It comes with a brush applicator to help you apply the gloss.’
    • ‘The cone applicator was inserted into a mirror clamp and directed to the treatment site.’
    • ‘Because some are more liquid than others and flow quickly out of the bottle, it's advisable to pour them into a needlenose applicator or to pour a small amount onto a plastic lid and use a pin, needle or toothpick to apply it.’
    • ‘For example, it recommends staff buy expensive shoes, certain brands, even for female staff to throw out the little applicators that come with eye shadow and buy more expensive brushes instead.’
    • ‘It's available in a flat flake, a powder with an applicator or in pencil form.’
    • ‘Even if you are applying the intended rate per acre, odds are some of the knives on your applicator are putting out a lot more nitrogen than others.’
    • ‘You can tell when your mascara is well and truly dead when it doesn't make a popping noise as you take the wand out of the applicator.’
    • ‘When you insert cotton-tipped applicators or tissues in your ear, the wax is just pushed deeper into the ear canal.’


Mid 17th century: from Latin applicat- ‘fastened to’ (from the verb applicare) + -or.