Definition of applicability in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being relevant or appropriate.

    ‘the case has raised questions about the applicability of local laws to acts committed by foreigners outside the country’
    • ‘If interpreted very generally, those tenets may also have applicability to space power.’
    • ‘Articulating values involves making philosophical judgments about their scope and applicability to social and moral issues.’
    • ‘The development of new technology for this project would have further applicability across several industries.’
    • ‘His greatest contribution comes in illustrating the general utility and broad applicability of legal history.’
    • ‘Rose always packs her interpretations with interesting observations, but their general applicability eludes her.’
    • ‘Their approach would appear to have applicability in areas of risk, in addition to financial markets.’
    • ‘The discussion highlights the applicability of the method to economic valuation.’
    • ‘Its applicability is limited to societies dominated by commodity exchange, necessarily capitalism.’
    • ‘The attorney general was seeking to distinguish the outcome so as to narrow the relevance and applicability of the ruling.’
    • ‘The clinical applicability of these results depends largely on the epidemiological characteristics of a population.’