Definition of appley in English:



  • (especially of white wine) smelling or tasting of apples.

    ‘a fresh, appley vinho verde’
    • ‘It was described as light, crisp and appley, and the menu suggested it was good with fish, chicken or just by itself.’
    • ‘Yet the demand for the rich, full-bodied, lemony, appley or peachy charms of this easy-going, easy-swigging grape continues.’
    • ‘This is appley and concentrated with notes of honey and lemon zest.’
    • ‘I've also been memorizing PLU numbers for every kind of apple we have at the store, so it's been very appley.’
    • ‘A wonderful mousse of tiny bubbles and a delicious appley nose are complemented by a fine undertone of honey.’
    • ‘Contrary to popular opinion, top-drawer supermarket white burgundy does exist, so tuck into this generous, ripe, appley, nutty bottle, with oodles of soft, creamy fruit on the palate, and rejoice.’
    • ‘Cheap and cheerful oaked viura makes a good mid-winter white with the sort of oomph and elegance that modern wine drinkers adore, complete with a surprisingly classy, appley, oaky, zesty palate.’
    • ‘This one combines waxy, appley flavours with a hint of tropical fruit.’
    • ‘That part of the carpet would always have a sweet appley scent to it.’
    • ‘The zizyphus fruit grows to the size of a plum, has the crisp texture of an apple when fresh, and dried looks not unlike a date… but tastes appley, sweeter, less flaky… so they can be picked and eaten fresh, or left on the tree until dried.’
    • ‘It's apples, cinnamon, raisins, walnuts and all your favorite appley Jewish things.’
    • ‘This has a crown seal (think beer bottle top), eliminating any chance of all that clean, appley fizz being spoilt.’
    • ‘Prosecco, the light, appley crowd-pleasing bubbly of the Veneto region, is a step up from Spanish cava and an attractive value compared to champagne.’
    • ‘In other words, ‘dump a bunch of apples and watch them get mangled into something tasty’ creates a delicious appley drink.’
    • ‘This gorgeous white blends Argentina's own lime blossom-scented torrontes grape with appley chardonnay, delivering aniseedy flavours with grapey fruit.’
    • ‘More wine producers should combine the zesty greenness of sauvignon blanc with the appley richness of chardonnay.’