Definition of apples to apples in English:

apples to apples


North American
  • often with negative Used with reference to a comparison regarded as valid because it concerns two things that are fundamentally the same.

    ‘there is no apples-to-apples comparison when comparing a foreign currency to USD’
    ‘you want to compare us to Australia or Great Britain, like it’s apples to apples’
    • ‘"The numbers that are out there today are not apples to apples," he says.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, you can't get 8 and 16 MB cache versions in the same capacities, which makes it impossible to compare apples to apples.’
    • ‘While we try to maintain an apples to apples test environment, we feel the different brands of comparable products should have minimal impact on the final scores.’
    • ‘By nature, the lists aren't apples to apples comparisons.’
    • ‘This setup should provide as close to apples to apples in terms of hardware configuration.’
    • ‘"People have to understand that this comparison is not necessarily apples to apples," he said.’
    • ‘Of course this is based on an apples to apples scenario.’
    • ‘Simply put, comparing our operations to commercial operations is not an apples to apples proposition.’
    • ‘You're going to accept their recommendation, especially if, price-wise, we're talking roughly apples to apples.’
    • ‘This virtualization stuff is so new, so tricky and so varied that apples to apples measurements are almost impossible.’