Definition of applejack in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • An alcoholic drink distilled from fermented cider.

    • ‘He was a little nervous, but after a moment's hesitation he swung into action and, using twice as much applejack as cognac or vermouth, he put together an incredibly wonderful drink.’’
    • ‘It is an indescribably fast and furious combination of the slide, slop, funky chicken, mashed potato, camel walk, shimmy, applejack and quiver.’
    • ‘Other ingredients like apple cider and applejack aren't used as much as they once were, but if you're looking for a winter recipe twist, try one of the following.’
    • ‘But maybe she was hitting the applejack a bit too hard that night.’
    • ‘It never tastes the same here because in those countries they put the barrels of beetroot on the roof where they freeze in the cold winters and the sugar ferments in the same way as applejack.’


Early 19th century: from apple + jack.