Definition of applaud (or cheer) someone to the echo in English:

applaud (or cheer) someone to the echo


  • Applaud (or cheer) someone enthusiastically.

    ‘they recognized that this was a new star, and applauded him to the echo’
    • ‘Two miles out his Grace was met by a large and representative body of the parishioners who, when his Grace drove up cheered him to the echo, and afterwards formed in processional order behind his carriage bearing many religious emblems.’
    • ‘The people who jostled and barracked him at the count centre were the same people who cheered him to the echo seven years ago.’
    • ‘Jetting out of trap four he was in control at the opening bend and his followers cheered him to the echo all the way home.’
    • ‘But Yarmouth saluted him with cannon and cheered him to the echo.’
    • ‘But at full-time the same player positively skipped to the dressing room, saluting the supporters cheering him to the echo.’
    • ‘She is delighted that Liz has come out of retirement for a final fling at an arena close enough to ensure a sizeable contingent of home fans will cheer her to the echo.’
    • ‘Many times in later years Naomh Eoin were cheered to the echo from the Deerpark end of the ‘old stand’.’
    applaud, clap one's hands, give someone a round of applause, put one's hands together
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