Definition of appetency in English:


(also appetence)


  • 1A longing or desire.

    • ‘Those animals which are gifted with the most intelligence, whose appetencies and desires are the keenest, are the most likely to succeed in the struggle for existence.’
    • ‘It is not true that sinners have a constitutional appetency and craving for sin.’
    • ‘So the presence of any object could be no inducement to sin, were there not a constitutional appetency or craving for sin.’
    • ‘But he erroneously confounds appetency and volition together as the same functions of one power.’
    • ‘Additionally, unaltered sexual appetence following orgasm was accompanied by unchanged concentrations of plasma prolactin in the case subject.’
    longing, yearning, craving, desire, wish, need, hunger, thirst, urge, ache, itch, lust, burning, pining, appetite, passion, fancy
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    1. 1.1 A natural tendency or affinity.
      • ‘Rather phylogenetically, he proceeds from a survey of sensory modalities to mental powers of perception, intelligence, appetence, emotion, habit and instinct, ending with a general discussion of mental evolution.’
      • ‘The human mind has a natural appetency for truth.’
      • ‘The company is distinguished by their quality, design and innovation, by offering in the market not only product, but also concepts, creating appetencies in the consumer.’
      • ‘Upon the whole, then, the great argument for literary endowments is founded on the want, or the weakness of the natural appetency for literature in our species.’
      liking, penchant, partiality, preference, appetite, fancy, fondness, affection, love
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Early 17th century: from Latin appetentia, from appetere ‘seek after’ (see appetite).