Definition of appellative in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the giving of a name.

    • ‘A word of warning, appellative names within the Society tend to be awarded by others often out of the recipient's own injudicious utterances.’
    • ‘The poetry in this period is marked by the use of appellative and patriotic themes.’
    eponymous, identifying
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  • A common noun, such as ‘doctor’, ‘mother’, or ‘sir’, used as a vocative.

    • ‘The number following each proper name indicates the number of appellatives assigned to that person.’
    • ‘With regard to appellatives, it is only the use of capital letters that bears resemblance to German writing conventions.’
    • ‘Observe how clearly the author states that all these appellatives employed as names of God came into existence after the Creation.’
    • ‘There are some thirteen appellatives in this section of his epistle, and all are true of every saint of God.’
    • ‘The number of appearances of the rest of the 260 terrain-related appellatives has not been counted.’
    name, title, term, designation, epithet, label, tag, style, sobriquet, nickname, byname
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Late Middle English: from late Latin appellativus, from appellat- ‘addressed’, from the verb appellare (see appeal).