Definition of appellation contrôlée in English:

appellation contrôlée

(also contrôlée, appellation d'origine)


  • A description awarded to French wine guaranteeing that it was produced in the region specified, using vines and production methods which satisfy the regulating body.

    • ‘A Provisional Regulatory Board was commissioned to draw up the regulation of the appellation contrôlée in this order.’
    • ‘The words appellation contrôlée on the label will therefore guarantee that the wine is of the highest quality.’
    • ‘Vacqueyras red wines, like the neighboring Gigondas, also advanced to appellation contrôlée in the early 70's.’
    • ‘Morocco has its own appellation system modelled on the French appellation contrôlée and called Appellation d' Origine Garantie, or AOG.’


French, literally ‘controlled appellation’.


appellation contrôlée

/apəˌlasjɒ̃ kənˈtrɒleɪ//apɛlasjɔ̃ kɔ̃tʀole/